There are two major intellectual outputs produced: pedagogical materials; and open educational resources (e.g. MOOC on video/visual literacies, WIKI, videos).

The pedagogical materials and OERs can be freely reused by educators, vocational trainers and those working in human resources, wholly or in part.

The supportive learning community and WIKI will help to ensure the sustainability of the resources produced.

The potential impact on HE, vocational training and business is increased competences of educators in communication through video/visual literacies, and support for the development and use of MOOCs within Europe through open educational resources and the MOOC on visual literacies.

Papers in academic and practitioner conferences and journals will open up further research and innovation on video/visual literacies and MOOCs in education.

Long-term benefits are stimulating lifelong learning and business communication, enhancing competitiveness and modernisation of HE, promoting education for all.

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