Activities and Methodology


To achieve these objectives the project will:

  • research current practice in the use of video/visual thinking strategies and to combine it with a review of literature to develop an innovative theory that encapsulates best practice and theory and draws from experience in multiple fields. Pedagogical materials will be developed based on this new theory with a mosaic of case studies that show how to improve knowledge representation or construction exploiting the potential of visual/video thinking strategies.
  • to promote the use of video and visual thinking strategies in online learning and MOOCs through the dissemination of OERs developed and evaluated through two MOOCs on video/visual thinking strategies.A design based research methodology will be used to develop and evaluate the OERs and pedagogical materials and informed grounded theory methodology will be used to generate the innovative theory of best practice in video/visual thinking. Social media will be used to inform stakeholders and recruit participants to the MOOC. The MOOC will enable testing and evaluation to lead to refinement of the resources, as well as the creation of a supportive learning community that co-creates a WIKI of case studies to showcase examples and encourage re-use of resources.

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